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"Kaitseb päikese ja võõraste pilkude eest"


Kvaliteet aastast 1999

Solar protection films

PSolar films reject heat and blinding light, provide protection from UV-rays and prevent the discolouring of the vehicle’s interior. At the same time the film helps save money and makes being in the room significantly more comfortable.

Solar films have a level of metal sprayed on their surface and this guarantees their spectacular durability, exceptional control of solar radiation and durable beautiful shades of colour. The film contributes to the glass’s durability and also provides privacy, as it is transparent on one side. Solar film ensures balanced temperature and reduces reflection from computer and TV screens, so harmful for your eyes. At the same time the windows remain optically clear and transparent.

Overheating causes discomfort for people and decreases the lifetime of furnishings. Uncomfortable environment makes working less efficient and both work relations and results shall deteriorate in long-term perspective. High temperature decreases people’s ability to concentrate and this can cause accidents. Solar films reject up to 79% of unwanted solar radiation, preventing overheating and balancing the temperature.

Reflection from solar radiation harms your sight, causes eye damage, eye irritation, exhaustion and fatigue, reduces sense of colour. It is especially noticeable when working on a computer or with mirror surfaces or watching TV. Solar films significantly reduce eye strain, as the film reduces reflection from the sunlight in up to 94%.
UV-rays and sunlight coming in through the windows ruin the colour of furniture and household linen. Solar film rejects up to 99% of harmful radiation and ensures the original appearance of furnishings as well as balanced temperature in the room. Due to their ability to prevent discolouring, such films are especially suitable for museums and galleries, but also at home, to protect expensive furniture, rare works of art, valuable textiles and other unique and irreplaceable valuables.

In most buildings, heat escapes through glass, resulting in huge heating bills. The phenomenon of solar films lies in their insulating properties which ensure efficiency both in summer and winter. Films block solar in warm seasons while in winter the glass directs the heat back to the room, preventing it from escaping through windows.

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Toonklaas.ee tegeleb pakub teenuseid nagu autoklaaside toonimine ja autoklaaside vahetus ja parandus. Tegutseme juba aastast 1999. Omame pikaajalist kogemust ning pakume kvaliteetset ja usaldusväärset töökvaliteeti. Meie kontorid asuvad Rakveres ja Tallinnas. Küsi pakkumist klaaside toonimiseks või autoklaasi vahetuseks  juba täna.